Cd-Rom trouble !!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by alloy25, May 5, 2003.

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    When I put a cd in the rom that has pix burnt on it for example , it won't open the Cd for me to browse it.....
    But wen I put in a cd that has a auto start.. like a game or something it will load and instal and do wat it is supposed to do...and wen I go to rom drive===> right click ===>Open doesnt do anything at all...doesnt open ????
    Have checked all the drivers and the hardware is obvoiusly working if installing games allright...I just can't work it out !!!

    Running XP and it is on a friends comp so not too many questions as I dont have direct access to the comp ....which will make this a very f.....g slow process.....SORRY..

    PLZ help

    Alloy25 :)
  2. That has happened to me when I tried to transfer some data to college on a CD RW. It was because that the CD I had was not closed properly.

    Have you closed your CD?
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    Also you may need the same program that was used for the pictures. Do you know what program was used.
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    More info.......

    If I bring the disk to my place and put it in my comp I can browse the cd.......
    It not only wont browse the contents of a burnt cd.... it happens to all cd's...whether they be install disks or games or backup copies or wont let you browse the cd but will let auto-run to work...

    There is nothing rong with the cd as it works on my comp....

    Would it have something to do with the drivers of the rom????

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    I fixed the problem.....

    I just uninstalled the drivers for the cd-rom and then I restarted the comp...

    Cause it has WinXP installed it found the drivers for the cd-rom and everything was back to normal...

    Thanx to all who replied

    Alloy25 :happy: