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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by insaNity, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. insaNity

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    One thing I have noticed after making the switch from 98se to XP, is my CD-ROM drive now takes a lot longer from the point you put the disc in to the point at which you can use it.

    If you click the icon as soon as the disc is in, all visual display will be paused until the disk spins up (but tasks continue processing un-interuppted). It take about 20secs compared to 5 seconds under 98se.

    I was wondering if anyone had the same issue, and how I might go about correcting it if possible.

    I have the latest IDE drivers.

    There are no drivers from the manufactures of the drive. They say use the built in ones.
  2. Qumahlin

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    if you have autoplay enabled turn it off and that should reduce the time it takes since it doesn't have to figure out the disk content and then either pop the dialog box or auto start whatever program you have it connected too.
  3. insaNity

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    That is probably the first thing I disabled after installing windows :p

    most of my cds have no autorun content - mainly burned mp3s and movies.
  4. insaNity

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    anyone else noticed it is slower under NT?
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    What type of CD ROM? I have a 56x ACER, until I did a firmware update I had all sorts of problems with it. System crashes, reading CD problems you name it. I did not have to disable anything. Works great now.

    Windows XP Home Edition
  6. insaNity

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I tried another drive and there was no slow down.
    The "CD-ROM" I use all the time is actually a LG CED-8080B burner (yes I know burners are slower but not in this case). It came with the latest firmware, which is the third release (v1.06)

    I'm running the latest VIA-4-in-1 drivers, the latest ASPI drivers and my BIOS is also up to date. I tried disabling XP's built in CD-R feature, and that had no effect (but does speed up nero's start time :))

    That suggests XP has a compatibility issue with this drive.