cd-r will not burn

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by utbagw, Jul 11, 2002.

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    I need help with a sony 24x10x40x burner. It will read but will not burn. I have xp, have installed windows update and sony update. I read were somebody said to disable IMAPI Service but can not find it. the burning soft ware is B's gold that came with the burner, I know NERO is better.
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    and knowing is half the
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    go to control panel>admin tools>services and then look for IMAPI and disable it then install nero
  4. the problem could be with the writer too

    hey dude wassupp,

    i have got the same writer and i also faced similiar problems with it that it could read cds and couldn't burn them, i mean it will show u that its burning them but it won't

    i took my cdrw drive to the service centre and they gave me a replacement, i think u better do that as these drives are under 1 year warranty, act fast