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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pegusus, Dec 12, 2002.

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    Hi, ive recently been having alot of trouble with my cdwriter (Yamaha CRW3200E-VK E-IDE/ATAPI). The problem is that it wont burn Audio CD's, it will go to 4% and stall then go to 8% then say its done. I formatted my pc thinking this would fix it, installed the newest aspi drivers. Still no luck. I got frustrated and tried different programs, without any luck. I then chose to install the firmware for it, when this was complete i tried burning a audio cd again, this time the cd drive wouldnt read the cd and said that this was a cd with media on it or something similar. So now im stuck, ive only had the drive for like 7 months :/
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    See if anything over here helps.
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    What software do you use ?
    I have an earlier SCSI version of your cdrw, and use Easy CD Creator 5.3 , which works well ,and have had all sorts of probs with Nero not formatting / burning.