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  1. Hi while at work i want to create covers for my cds like music cds and vcds as well...the only thing is that at work i only have the microsoft packages like word,powerpoint,outlook etc etc...all i want to do is create back and front covers for the cds including the title at the side of the disc as well.

    I know that this can be done in word but do not know the settings of how to create this like a template or something so i can just write the titles of the nusic etc and print them using the works ink:p

    If someone could just send me a template of it done that would be much appreciated:D

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    I think Nero comes with a tool for making CD covers...
  3. Hi thx for the reply, i knw nero has a tool to do this but like i said above i need this to be done in word so i can print this at work.
    We do not have nero to do this at work:p
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    Go into Tools> envelopes and labels> 'labels' tab. See if there's already a template for your brand of CD cover blanks already. If not, make one... all you need is a ruler and a little patience... sounds like you have time to kill anyways. :p