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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pothitos, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. pothitos

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    ok i copied an audio cd the other day and when i went to play it in my cd player it didnt work. I put the cd back in the machine and the filetype on it was CD audio.

    How can i make the cd work in a normal CD player?
  2. pothitos

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    cmon reply please i really need elp with this as it has to be done by 2nite
  3. what program did u use to copy cd? and did it give u some errors? try checking if cd is closed btw. also if u used cdrw disc it probably wont work in cd player
  4. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    i used some ibm proggy to copy it and i didnt get any errors. why wont a cdrw disc work?
  5. dabomb

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    it just doesnt recongnise the disk as completed and closed i think, thats why you need to burn on cd r if you want an audio disk
  6. cdrw discs have different cover(that thing where u burn your ctuff) even color of regular cdr disk is different from cdrw if u didnt notice. and regular cd players cant read that thing. so u have to use regular cdr disk unless u buy new player that says supports cdrw disks or get mp3/cd player
  7. pothitos

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    the problem is i only have the copied cd now so would it work if i used nero and a cd-r?
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    The way cdrw's r made almost every cd player can't read them for some reason. That said I've seen a few cd players that could read cdrw discs but for the vast number of cd players can't which is why u need to use cdr's to be able to play the cd in just bout anything else besides ur cdrw drive in your computer. There should be a problem as long as the source cd ain't to badly sractched that said u should be able to make a good copy of the cd on to an cdr with a good program like nero
  9. yea that should work ok
    ~edit~ if u got nothing to do u can encode those audio tracks to mp3s or just wav files. and then burn them as audio disk to cdr :) . that is if u r bored though
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    ok here goes :rolleyes:
  11. XeoNoX

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    try using the nero ASPI.
  12. phishhead

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    not old is the audio cd player...mine is about 5 yrs old and it won't play cdrs at all but my boom box will play them trouble free.
  13. pothitos

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    using the nero what now?
  14. pothitos

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    yes!! it worked. Thanks for all your help

  15. no problems, enjoy the music