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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mylarache, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. mylarache

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    Hello everybody,
    Whene i want to burn a cd with windows xp pro default software,he makes a temp file and then he copies them to my cd writer.Until here is good but after that i can not delete this temp file or files until i restart my pc. ((he said that they re in use)) but they re not .
    Has some one the same problem or knows s o a good solution?
    Larache: D
  2. max

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    There isnt much you can do about it as he thinks the files are still in use, as his explorer.exe hasnt dropped the connection.

    The only thing to do is like you said reboot him or just keep burning and let his temp directory fill up.

    He shouldnt mind to much

  3. Qumahlin

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    or if your realllly wanting to delete them you can kill explorer.exe from the task manager...then restart it and try to delete the files..that might workproviding that is the only program using them...also I believe there is an option to delete files after burn..but i'm not sure? haven't used XP default burning much so try looking around.
  4. ModestCargo

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    Go buy Roxio Easy CD Creator Platinum. It's the best.
    Go to for more information.
  5. Qumahlin

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    Easy Cd Creator is FAR from the best...they have had the most incompatibilities with XP out of any program I know..just search this board for all the posts about it. but I must add this is my opinion, I can't say it's fact. All I know is it took how many patches to get EZCD up to snuff? While my nero installed fine, updated fine and never erred once :)
  6. shaydenb

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    CD Burners

    I strongly agree with Qumahlin.
    Nero is the best.
    Roxia is OK if you can get it installed and patched.
  7. image2

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    Kinda straying from the main topic, but.....
    I agree with both shaydenb and Qumahlin. Nero is the best to compile a cd, and clonecd for 1 to 1 copies (if your burner meets certain requirements). Need proof? Who makes the POS WindowsXP built in burning software? Roxio! :) Why go from crap to shiny crap? So far I haven't met a CD I can't clone or burn. And no errors, no patches! I am using a Lite-On CD-RW drive... model #2410 (a,b,c doesn't matter)....
  8. mylarache

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    I know the solution

    Hello everybody
    I know the solution.What i did is to change my documents to not read only.It works now very good.and after that the software copy the files to a cd writer he delete them automatically.
    Thank's for your answers....
    NB: Ive a nero and cd creator software but i wanted to see how the default brand software works.