cat 5 cables question

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. i've got a long cat 5 cable for my networking needs the only thing it's missing is that thing on the picture. so my question is can i get this somewhere online? so i can attach it to my cable on my own?
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    I'm sure you will be able to buy them online somewhere, you'd need some sort of crimping tool to actually fit it though.

    Try going to a local computer shop/store, they'll probably sort you out for a small fee, or possibly even free :)
  3. yea i though of going there, but i'm too lazy to make a trip in that direction :) so for now i am looking for some place online where i could get it. if i cant find it then i'll be going to stores around me
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    What your after is an RJ 45 connector, as mentioned you will require a special crimping tool, the connector itself can be bought from any electronics store.
    If you are connecting it yourself be sure the pin out is correct for your application EG: PC to PC or through a hub, as each config requires a different pin out.
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    if you live in maine, Ill put a head on for you.. its tricky if you havent done it before
  6. well i live in NY. and i'll just go to one of local stores and do that thing. thanks for replyes
  7. went to a store. those rj45 conectors are just 25 cents :) and to crimple it would not be too expensive :)
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    SPeedY_B I may actually be insane.

    Midlands, England
    Excellent :)
  9. umm yet another question.

    i bought the connectors and put that **** on by myself.
    i did it this way
    1 WHT/GRN
    2 GRN/WHT
    3 WHT/ORG
    4 BLU/WHT
    5 WHT/BLU
    6 ORG/WHT
    7 WHT/BRN
    8 BRN/WHT

    and tryed connecting my dsl model to computer and it worked fine. i'm gona get my router later today or probably tomorow. will this settings work fine on router to computer?
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    dude, i'll tell you a little secret. the order of the wires doesn't matter. the key is to get the wiring order on both ends of the cable the same. the order that it is supposed go in is:

    (with the little tab thing facing down)
    white stripe green
    white stripe orange
    white stripe blue
    white stripe brown


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  11. well as i connected it it's , on both ends with tab facing right

    left side:
    1 white with green
    2 green
    3 white with orange
    4 blue
    5 white with blue
    6 orange
    7 white with brown
    8 brown
    right side. and as i said i tryed it for my dsl modem it worked. but as u say i hope it will work fine with router.
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    If you are going from PC - PC you use a straight through pin out
    IE: pin1 to pin1, pin 2 to pin 2 etc. If you are going through a hub or router you need a crossover in the cable.
    Check this site for details;)
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    AHH sorry, bum steer there, its actually the oposite to what i said..
    straight through for hub conX and crossover for pc-pc.

    Thats what happens when i haven't had my morning coffee:(
  14. well that's pretty much what i have, except 2 colors are switched(with respect) . thanks 4 help
  15. allright got my outer. quick connected it. so far everything seems to work ok. gona go deep into this tomorow. my config worked. thanks all