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  1. Hey I was looking for a case fan(s) for my computer i'm about done builden....I know its gonna need them. I was looking at pricewatch but....they dont organize things there to good. I was just wondering if anybody (im sure you do) know of a good place for cheap fans. And maybe you guys could recomend the size and location of the fans. I figure one pulling air in from the bottom and one sucking hot air out the top (heat rises! :eek:) thanks for your precious time!
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    many more
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    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Inflow Direct Inc. for all your budget and high-performance cooling needs!
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    dijital Guest is a great site. never had a problem with them and they speed everything to you without you asking.
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    newegg very good:)

    but i wouldnt post sites ive had problems with either:)

    and pricewatch is good even for building an entire system:)...u just gotta figure in all the shipping costs and see if you stay within your your math...or if lazy....NEWEGG:)
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    and the most important is