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  1. I have a small network (2 computers), one of which is the gateway machine with a cable modem installed and running ICS so to share the connection to the other machine. However the other person that uses the machine has an annoying habit of downloading stuff (pron properbly) while i'm playing games, thus increasing my ping. I am wondering if there is a program that is able to cap the transfer rate that this person is able to download and upload at, so i can enjoy a stable ping. This program could either work in conjuction with ICS or simply sit on either machine. Just want to take his transfer rate down to 5K or something :D
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    It is possible to cap the bandwidth if u r the host and are using third party software. This third party software should be used to share ur bandwidth instead of the normal ICS. I personally use Sygate home network, but other products include All Aboard. Basically, u can set the "packet size" and "TCP Window" that the other machine has when connecting to the internet. I wouldnt recommend messing with the network itself because it will cause problems when simply accessing the other machine.

    There's probably free alternatives to the above applications, All Aboard and Sygate Home Network are both available for a trial download. Other then that, there is truly no other way to minimize bandwidth take up.

    BTW: im using a single network card for internet sharing which is why i cant use XP ICS.
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    Which 'Popstar' do you hate the most? Along with a tech question?? :rolleyes:
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    Yeah I was looking @ third party software as an option but ideally i would just like a little program that sits on either machine and simply decreases the band width, as i am happy using ICS @ the moment. However this is something that if no other answers come up i may have to go ahead with. Thanks mate.


    Yeah the queston isn't really that technical, but i think it's one that needs to be sorted out. I can't believe that Daruis isn't losing badly!
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    Not sure how, but...

    I remember reading somewhere that it is possible to get the Qos packet scheduler to throttle bandwidth. Ill poke around and see if I can find that article again.
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    1) The Poll has nothing to do with Networking or Internet, so it has been closed and modified (for some reason you cant completly delete a poll)

    2) You would need a 3rd party proxy software. ICS cannot throttle bandwidth. The QoS Packet Scheduler requires a Windows 2000 Server Domain Controller running a QoS daemon. 3rd party software is the only way that i know of

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    I think the poll was just to add a little humor.... humor is always a good added bonus in my opinion ;)
  8. Yeah that's why I added the poll, not sure why it was removed perhaps 'JJB6486' is a Popstar fan?