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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by liv2roc, Jan 26, 2003.

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    I have 2 computers running xp pro just formatted and reinstalled about a month ago everything on network was great before with same setup . Now I have one cable modem with a hub and two ip addresses, cable modem connects to hub and both computer connect to hub and both computers access the internet and the other computer. Now heres the problem I can no longer access any network options I open the "My network places" and it is empty if I go to properties of to network places it will not open , no errors just want open. Have the same thing on both computers they can both access the internet but cant see one another. I cant turn off xp's firewall or install or delete any thing to do with the network. I am logged on as adminastrator. also tried disconnecting one computer at a time to see if I could get into the network settings but could not.
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    Welcome to the forum:happy:

    What happens if you click on 'view netwok connections' in the 'my network places'?
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    computer just freezes for about 30 secs.

    I formated one computer and its working great now.
    so I guess I'll format the 2nd too. I think its something to do with one of windows updates I installed. So i'm not going to update anymore.