Can't get AMD Phenom II 955BE processor to come out of 16x multiplier

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Vanquished, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,
    I remember back before I got my new board (Gigabyte 990XA-UD3), my processor would not always run at 16x multiplier, it would run at 4x until I moved the mouse or something. I am unsure how to get my computer to respond in the same way again. I have OverDrive installed, CCC installed, Easy Tune 6 installed and I've even gone as far as to enabling AMD cool n' quiet as well as setting all the multiplier and voltage settings in the bios to auto.
    Nothing is changing!
    I want to resolve this issue because I'm assuming its why my computer is running hotter than it used to. It runs at 37-38C under no load (but a 16x multiplier) when not even in use, it used to run at 28-29C under these same conditions. It's cooler is the corsair H50 I had chalked up the temp increase to a hotter room but not that it's cooled off outside the computer runs in a room as cold as it ever was, and still runs at 37C.
    Any help?
    I have updated the bios since when I bought the 990XA. And the motherboard only controls the cooler pump (i have the fans on the radiator as well as all other fans hooked up to a fan controller and running at full blast)


    P.S. those temps in reference are from coretemp. Overdrive thinks the CPU is running at 47C (at idle) and the motherboard thinks its running at 41C
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    make sure that cool n' quiet is activated in BIOS and then check your power savings settings in Windows. IIRC, in Win7 you can change the power scheme to invoke cool n' quiet, in WinXP you need to install the software.