Cannot download ANY file through IE6

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by oxy, May 9, 2002.

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    Hey people.
    I have had XP Pro on my system for quite some time and have not really had that much luck with it. First, I had problems with my IE popups not loading, then I got a new motherboard that would let me send e-mail and use messaging, but would not allow me to visit websites. So, I bit the bullet and reformatted my drive and reinstalled XP. Its been alright for a while, but now (this is without me making any security or option changes) when I click on a like to download a file, I get "internet explorer cannot download <filename> from <server>. The requested website is either unavailable or does not exist."

    I have looked into it for a while and the only resources I can find have to do with a "do not save encrypted disk to hard drive" which has to be uncheked in order to download files.

    This is really getting old and I would appreciate any help!
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    If you get no other answer, you can do a repair of IE6 and see if that helps. Take a read of this page at microsoft. Wait for other answers here before you do it. There may be another solution.