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  1. I have a Pentium IV, socket 423, M920 MotherBd, with VT 823 Northridge Chipset, GeForce3 Ti200 card, 512 RAM, 3 HDs 40,60,6 GBs ea.SONY CD burner 175A1, FSB 400GHz, 1.4GHz., 56K V90 Modem.

    I can be working on Premier 6.0 and freezes up, or I'll be using any other program and will just go bye-bye in a way that CTRL+ALT+DEL cannot reboot the PC.

    Sometimes will even die when I'm just standing in the front of it doing nothing.
    Other times I get the message that some illegal procedure was performed and then when I click on shut the PC down nothing happens.
    Other times I get the BLUE screen with some VXD failures...

    Is there something in my BIOS that I have not set properly?
    Any ideas?
  2. dijital

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    sounds like maybe a power supply problem.
  3. Cosmin

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    I had this problem > a hadware incompatibility * i had to change my mobo * . If the power suplly is the problem your should check how many components are attached to your system , depends of it sure .