Cannot connect to newgroup or pop3

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by toxicity, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. toxicity

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    i'm unable to access my newsgroup server 'nntp' or my rogers pop3 email. The problem only seems to be on one of my computers, as my older and slower computer can access the server fine.
  2. PseudoKiller

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    You need to tell us more info. Do you run a firewall?? What OS are you running?? Did you install any software prior to this problem?? Any other info you could provide might prove useful
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    You took a shot in the dark by asking here. If you are lucky there might be a couple Rogers users on board, I know of 1 for sure, and I was one up until last week.

    We need to know what email client you are using.
    Double check your settings.
    And check out the Rogers help site here :
    Rogers - How Do I?

    Can you surf on this connection as well?
  4. toxicity

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    The newsgroup was working fine on both computers until recently. i thought it was maybe that the rogers services were just offline, but when i phoned the tech they said it was working fine. Regarding firewalls and os, i am using a router firewall and WinXP. But i highly doubt these could be factors to my problem, as it had worked before