Can WinXP Pro be stripped down to run like XP Home?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jaypee68, Mar 22, 2002.

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    I am running Win XP Pro on my machine, and I have been wondering if it was possible to make XP Pro run as if it were XP Home by disabling services, software, etc... that aren't really necessary. I'm looking to reduce ram, processor, disk space, and other resource consumption. Is ithis possible? Is there a tweak guide to do this? :cool:
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    Yes there is it'll cost £90 and is called XP Home Edition why didn't you just buy it and save yourself some cash!!!
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    XP home runs almost all the same services, software etc as XP..only difference is the admin count is disabled unless in safe mode, and you don't have easy access to the EFS..and IIS is not on the XP home cd...other then that, they are essentially the same way to cut down on proc usage and all that is to stop running unnecessary programs :) And delete stuff you don't use heh
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    I wish my computer had come with XP Pro instead of Home. There's lot's of useful things in there.
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    for a small shipping and handling fee, I'll exchange my home for your, a couple of big differances, with pro, you can work on a domain, with pro, you get gpedit, with pro, you can log on as the administrator without going into safe....specifically,

    This info is from

    XP Professional and XP Home Edition share the same kernel (the "guts" of the operating system), and this kernel is based on the Windows 2000 operating system. The differences between them are in the level of security they provide, networking capabilities, and advanced features. For business users, Windows XP Professional is very similar to Windows 2000 in it's feature set. XP Professional supports multiple processors, multiple monitors (up to 9), Group Policy. Encrypting File System, Dynamic Disks, IIS, a built in backup program, and advanced networking capabilities (such as IPSec.) All of these features are missing from XP Home Edition. Another important distinction between the two versions is that XP Home Edition cannot join a Windows NT/2000 domain. If you wish to network with other PC's in your home or office, you must be part of a workgroup. If you're a "power user" purchasing Windows XP for your personal workstation, Windows XP Professional is a better choice than Home Edition, if you can afford the price difference.