can`t map network drives of a cloned windows computer

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by adumi, Jun 29, 2006.

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    Having backuped up my C drive (xp installed on it) with Nero backup and having later on used this backup to restore it - I stumble on the following problem:
    I cannot map it`s drives from the local network other computers (also running XP).
    I get:
    the other xp machines are connected to it via a switch and can share it`s internet connection(it connects to the internet via an extra network card)
    but they cannot map it`s drives or share files with it.
    the cloned windows machine CAN however map the other network drives and share THEIR files.
    This is not a firewall issue as the problem persists even if firewalls are down or allow access of the aforesaid cloned pc IP.
    This is not a virus\trojan problem as I scanned the machine with various scanners.

    What do I have here ?

    Thanks in advance