Can someone give me Opnion

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jake123456789, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. 2z

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    Until you mentioned BENQ CD Writer I'd never heard of it

    I generally go for the more well known products as these tend to have better support

  2. ZAnwar

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    yeah, I have a Lite-On. It is quite good!
  3. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    i've only heard of benq a couple times... don't know anything about them.

    liteon, on the other hand, i've heard lots of good things about. everyone who has one loves it.
  4. Nick M

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    I would go with LiteON, I heard good things about them. Have a LiteON psu, works great :)
  5. BonyTony

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    Get the Liteon

    Get the liteon !! the 40 speed drive has the same chips as 48 speed so you can upgrade it for nothing by flashing the fimware thru windows (i have+saved a few pounds as well)also they can copy all sorts of protected discs which you might need when you back up those important games ! :p
  6. bluekelt

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    Hi there,

    I just bought a Lite-On yesterday because I was having problems writing with a Freecom drive. All problems have gone and the speed is great. Also has buffer under run support to help cut down on wasted copies. Burnt five disks off last night in less than an hour and no problems what so ever with any of the copies.

    Catch you all later,

  7. madmax1345

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    Benq is what Acer became. The drive is very quick and mech. sound. The nicest thing you should notice upon intalling and using is that it makes very little noise. My distributer can not keep it in stock.
  8. dayle

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    probably no body has heard of benq cos its name was changed from acer.
    id go with the lite on especially cos it supports 90 and 99 min cdrs and also cos ive seen some pretty good reviews on it
  9. BonyTony

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  10. tahoe

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    LiteOn has gotten good reviews. Never heard of beng either. I'm still "plodding on" with my Yamaha 24x CRW3200 and as yet see no need to upgrade it. But most likely if I do, it'll be that LiteOn.
  11. dayle

    dayle Guest

    i totally agree with you tahoe ..if you have a drive faster than 12x or so its pretty good,unless of course you write commercially and every second counts