Can NOT move some files ???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nhom, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. Nhom

    Nhom Guest

    I can't move some files under XP...Xp says to me that the file is used by another process...but everything is closed...I just rebooted and the same message ?!?

    I defragment my hard drive, and it says that the file I can't move cannot be defragmented ?

    I can delete it, fortunately !

    Have you an idea on how defragment better ?
    I have an Hard drive of 20 GB and 8 GB free

    Bye gyus
  2. allan

    allan Guest

    What files?
  3. Nhom

    Nhom Guest

    This file

    It is a video DIvx 696 and a 660 divx too...

    I think that it happens with BIG files...maybe a bug in the FAT or in the index or something ?!?
  4. NaMcO

    NaMcO Guest

    I have the same problem as well. Sometimes i can't even delete them (like when i put them on a CD and want to delete them off the HDD).

    I have found a way to move/delete them but it takes a bit of patience, which is, create a directory with any name and keep dragging the file into it. Sometimes it moves at the first attempt, but some other times it needs 6-7-8-9 or even 10 attempts for it to move. Then, when in the new directory i can delete it. :rolleyes:

    It's weird and happens to me on DivX files as well. I never noticed this happening with any other type of file. Maybe the file is linked to the player in some way ?

    I dunno, i just know it happens and it's boring :mad:
  5. Nhom

    Nhom Guest


    Same problem exactely...fell "aloneless" (don't know if it's right writing...I came from Belgium...)

    :D :D
  6. Bishop

    Bishop Guest

    Yep I had/have that problem too. You can not move them but you can delete them. Only way to do it though is with Nero.