can linux automount a shared drive from windows xp?

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by Tbird94sc, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Tbird94sc

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    can linux automount a shared drive from windows xp?

    i can manually mount the drive after i logon everytime but i want it to automount @ logon. i know its gotta be in one of the scripts and ive tried it in the /etx/rc.d/rc/local one and the ~/.bashrc one to no avail. i may have even got the right script but set it up wrong. ive tried the following in both scripts

    smbmount //ron/winamp /mnt/mp3

    also tried variations like

    smbmount -o password=<> //ron/winamp /mnt/mp3
    cause the password is blank for now
    smbmount //ron/winamp /mnt/mp3 -o password=<>

    i want it to automount when i logon so i dont have to type it for 5 different shares everytime i need it. please if you know linux HELP ME! im just learning

    i still use xp andwindows but if i can learn enough of linux i might change over
  2. Zedric

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    You are defenately in the wrong forum! :)
    Anyway (from someone who is also just learning at the moment ;)) try putting it somewhere in rc.init instead of rc.d.
    Just use the same syntax as when you do it manually. Also "man smbmount" is a good idea. There may be problems (or so I heard) with mounting NTFS volumes. May cause serious problems on both sides. FAT32 works though.
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    thanks for your response. and slso. i know what forum i am in. it is not so much a linux problem as a networkin problem which is why it is in the networking section of the forum. i am a windows user. i know some of the people in this forum use linux as well. wanted to give it a try. i already did man samba and went to for their documentation., cant find nething