Can I install xp sp1?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by getslinky, Oct 1, 2002.

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    I know I'm a little behind the times here people but i have xp and i'm wondering if i can install the sp1.
    Do I have to have a certain cd key?
    Is it known to be a tracking/monitoring device for Microsoft that cuts your use of XP up if it finds that its software has been pirated? (Or is there ways to get around this?)

    Ok if i am able to install xp I simply download the sp1 file found on the main left hand menu of xp-erience's main page?

    And last but not least... is it worth installing it? What are the main benefits/added extras i get out of it?

    Thanks a heap
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    Getslinky, did you read the forum guidelines ?

    No Warez/Cracks/Keygens !
    Provided you have a legitimate key ( I guess you know you have one or not ) you can download XP SP1 and install it.

    The link on the front page will give you the English version:
    Windows XP SP1
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    If u have a liget copy of XP then u should have any problem (in theory) if you don't............ you need a new cd key that hasn't been blackballed. But I wouldn't know where to get anything like that.
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    If its legal, it will install. If its illegal, it will not install.

    Its that simple