Can Browse the Site but Can't Ping....

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by -V3n0m-, Jul 14, 2005.

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    im using Windows Xp Sp1...KasperSky AV...and a SygateFirewall.. and use net via DSL Cable Connection...(LAN) and the server which connnects to internet is RedHat Linux.... everything is fine... i can browse..connect im clients....but i can't ping any sites......... i get Timed out when sygate firewall is on and host unreacable when sygate is set to allow all log is...

    i can scan ports of remote hosts but still can ping... see the super scanner snapshot... it scans fine tell me the ports open on but i have to disable scan only ping able hosts


    My Network Flow Chat is....


    I can't make changes on Server....(internet Provider) ques is this if it can resolve hosts...get opened ports...then why i cant ping....
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  2. Steevo

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    Ping is on port 0? And THAT is blocked for security purposes?

    Your pictures are too big?
  3. kcnychief

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    I'm not entirely sure I understand your post, but I want to chime in with a few thoughts....

    First, where do you get your IP from? Does the Redhat server or some hardware somewhere else act as a DHCP Server, or are your using Internet Connection Sharing Software somewhere?

    Also, pinging isn't always allowed. Some sites block ICMP on their end, which won't allow you to ping them....

    Can you list the FQDN of a few sites you are trying to ping, it might not be something with your connection. And, why are you trying to ping, just out of curiosity?
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    Is that a HUB as you've noted in that beaut diagram (I'm serious, it's pretty nice) or a router?
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    It's probably a Hub, seeing how it's got the word "Hub" right under it :D

    Sorry sorry! Not trying to be mean, just couldn't resist! :D

    Kcnychief is right, for example -- is perfectly reachable and loads without a problem. Try pinging it, however, and you'll get no response.
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    I also agree, sometimes its to prevent DoS attacks.

    Just curiuos, why do you need to ping?

    PS. Nice diagram, a little big but still nice.
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    Lots of websites will deny ping requests. It's a way of avoiding some forms of DoS attacks. Try pinging I used to work for their IT and they would always allow pings on that address for various reasons. If you get a reply from there, you should be okay.