Call me "Paranoid"…But

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  1. Hi All,

    I don’t like the idea of my Xbox DVD-ROM Lens to get dirty, as result; I normally either get the VERY FIRST copy that is released for rental (I call my local Block Buster to see when they get their shipment, so I will be the FIRST to get the games that I want)

    Or simply don’t insert any games that have been used/rented before.

    Although I have asked them to clean the discs for me, but still putting a “dirty” DVD Disc into my Xbox makes me feel bad.

    I know I sound paranoid, but do you really think that these discs will ruin my DVD Rom Lens?

    I don’t have any of those Disc Doctors / Cleaners and don’t plan to buy one.


    Can I use a regular Prescription Eye Glasses cleaning liquids and wipe those rental discs with a special cloth made for Prescription Eye Glasses? Or will it ruin the surface of the disc?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well i use the my glasses cloth and it seems fine, although I don't use an glasses solution.

    I know what you mean, you rent them disks and they look like they've been flung around someone's living room. Some people have no respect for anything. I've rented in the past, got home and thought, i'm not putting that in my PS2/GameCube/X-Box, and just took it back!
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    I've heard you can clean CDs and DVDs with peanut butter. Don't know if it's true though. If you want to try that, make sure you get smooth not crunchy:D
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    Sorry man, but I think you're being too paranoid!

    Loosen up a little!

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    All you need is some Isopropyl Alchohol, which you can get quite cheaply from most chemists. You could probably use the cloth for cleaning your glasses with or a soft cloth. This is all that's in the expensive cleaning kits.
  6. Thanks for the info. I feel better now...:)
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    Definately paranoid!!! :D ;) just buy a CD/DVD lense cleaner, THEY DONT DAMAGE THE drive AT-ALL, they just do what it says!..clens the lense.

    Go out buy one, dont be paranoid anymore. If you take a faulty game back to a shop or rental shop 1 thing they always ask is, have you cleaned your lense. Lense cleaners cost very little too.
  8. In my opnion you can never be too paranoid, everyone is out to get you. Remember that.
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    The word isn't 'Paranoid', the correct term is 'Obsessive Compulsive'. It tends to make people over concerned, and life more difficult than it has to be.

    As another said get 90+% Isopropyl Alchohol, wipe from the center staight out to the edge, not round and round. Circular scratches can cause read problems.

    The lens never touches the disc. You should be more concerned with environmental factors. Dusty, smoky, damp etc.
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    I have a buddy that works for a company that does CD/optical cleaning .... he told me that for normal everyday cleaning of CD/DVD's .... just use normal soap and water ... water is fine for everyday dust cleaning ... leave it alone for a couple hours to dry it .... so you dont have to use any type of cloth on the disk. for sticky pop/beer spills ... thats when you can add soap ... wipe gently with your fingers ... rinse ... and again ... let air dry.

    Any chemical you add to the disk can break down the surface of the CD/DVD. as for the peanut butter solution .... thats a "red green" fix for surface scratches .... works only about 40% of the time ....

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    I totally agree with you, you are just being 'Obsessive Compulsive' over your X-Box, but hey I don't blame you :)
  13. I'm afraid i'm 'obsessive compulisive' over everything I own, exspecially my computer, xbox and car.