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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Outlaw21, Jan 10, 2002.

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    I have 2 physical hard drives, the first partitioned into 2 20 gig partions and the second is a 20 gig not partitioned. They both run off an ATA100 controller card. The 40 gig is set to UDMA5 and the 20 gig is set to UDMA4 (older drive). I have processor scheduling set to 'programs' and memory usage set to 'system cache'. Write caching is enabled on both drives.
    Here's the problem, when I run tests at PC Pitstop, it is measuring a cached speed of 2.39 mb/s and 2.45 mb/s on the 2 partitions of the faster 40 gig drive and 118.26 mb/s on the slower 20 gig drive. The 40 gig drive is running in the 1% of their database average (both partitions, 1%) and the 20 gig is running at 51% of their database average. My uncached speeds are running 203%, 220% and 300% respectivly, above their database average. I am freshly defragged.
    I know cached speeds have more to do with the processor and memory than the actual drive, so why are my cached speeds so slow?

    P3 700
    512 ram
    40 gig @7200
    20 gig @7200
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    Have you been to the controller card's manufacturer's site to look for updated bios and drivers?

    I have the onboard Highpoint Hpt370 controller myself and I had to reflash it's eprom and use a different driver to get a performance gain from it.

    If your card is based on one of Highpoints chips you can go here to look for updates:
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    Mine's a Maxtor, actually made by Promise Technologies. I'll go give them a look see.
    But I always understood cached performance to be memory related not hardware related.:confused: