Cable Modem Light still blinking???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AaronMcarthur, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. I've got a Toshiba PCX2200 Cable Modem. It has 5 lights and each light is named, Cable, PC, Data, Test, and Power. Whenever I turn my PC off the Cable light is still on, the PC light is still on and the Power light is still on and the Data light is still blinking like it should. The test light never does anything. But the thing I'm wanting to know is, why does the data light keep blinking when my PC is shut down and I have no files transferring or downloading??? And I'm certainly not running a server or file-sharing program.
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    the cable modem is still connected to your ISP, just because your machine is turned off doesn't been ur cable modem loses it's connection, nothing to be worried about. Nothing is being transferred. it's normal :D
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    I have the same modem. If the computer is off, only the cable and power lights are on. You might check in to it. If the computer is on and I am not doing anything, all the lights are on and data flashes some. But, not if the computer is off.
  4. Ok , I'll check with my ISP about this, thanks.
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    food for thought

    most newer computers never "fully" shut off either.
    For instance when you power down, your Netowrk card may maintain some power for it's WOL (Wake On Lan) feature. Some (and this is speculation) may stay on to maintain it's IP addy or presence on the network.
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    True, didn't think about WOL.
  7. Why do you call it Wake on Lan?
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    cause if another PC wants info from your PC with WON enabled, your puter will boot up.
  9. But my computer doesn't boot up.
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    advanced setting

    It's one of those advanced settings you really have to understand to get to work. But by default it's enabled on most motherboards (I've seen at least) for your LAN card. You can't just have a home network plug things together and expect them to work. :/
  11. You said " cause if another PC wants info from your PC with WON enabled, your puter will boot up."

    So this means with WON enabled, my computer WILL NOT BOOT UP, just say yes or no?
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    yes it will work if you configure it correctly
    no it won't work if you're just plugging cables and expect it to work
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    either of them.

    if wol is enabled or disabled your computer will still boot up.

    if you're referring to the WOL feature, you have to configure it correctly to do so. That and clicking on My Network Neighborhood and going to a computer (click-click) simply won't enable a computer to just boot up.
  14. I just got one computer and it has a cable modem, WHY IS THE DAMN DATA LIGHT KEEP BLINKING WHEN THE PC IS TURNED OFF. I know its prolly trying to keep its IP.............
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    i explained it above :)

    I explained it above.

    Also, I'm curious to wonder if you're referring to your Network Card (NIC) or the cable modem the coaxial cable is plugged into that THEN goes to your NIC via Cat5 ?

    a NIC is not a cable modem :)
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    Dude, calm down. People have already explained the reason to you. It's obvious you've read their answer, because you've quoted it in your responses.

    But, in case you've missed their points, here's another to consider:

    Typically, cable modem connections are "always on" as opposed to the majority of DSL connections (like mine) that use a PPPoE connection, which requires the user to login with a name and password everytime they renew the connection.

    In order for your cable modem to maintain its "always on" status, it has to keep the connection to your ISP. From time to time, ISP's may "ping" your connection to make sure you're still there. If they ping you and get no response, they may choose to recycle your IP address back into the queue for other users to use (assuming you don't have a static IP address.)

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    PPPoE, yuck!:eek:
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    Re: ewww...

    Yeah, I know... Early adopters of my ISP's DSL package have the "always on" connections without PPPoE. However, I was about 6 weeks too late, and they had already started making all new ADSL accounts use PPPoE. Hasn't really caused me a problem, though.

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    the pc light is still on even if the PC is "off"

    The cable modem still registers the PC being connected, therefore your ISP is trying to send/recieve data to your computer to make sure you're still active and are using the IP address. If they get no responce someone else could get the IP. (DHCP)

    Data will still be transmitted to/from your cable modem to/from your isp's servers to establish "hey there is a computer/hardware over here, lets give him an IP addy and his connection requests"

    it's a fact of hardware, protocols rule and common sence made them what they are :)