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  1. I do a relatively minute bit of faxing through my phone line a week. Not a lot, but enough for faxing to be necessary through my computer. I also want cable internet. Can I still have cable internet and send faxes with it, since it is an always on connection?

    I am curious because I know you can still send faxes with your dialup modem still in my machine,(with cable) but I'm afraid I might have to remove it, as I still need to put in a NIC card in for cable and I don't think I have enough PCI slots or whatever they're called. Basically, can i send faxes with a cable modem? Thanks.
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    Nope. Faxes work by dialing directly into another fax machine. The internet is not used when sending a fax. Just keep the modem and get a USB NIC or something

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    If you do a little bit of research, you can get software that will let you send and receive faxes over your internet connection (this would include cable). Might want to try and do a search.
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    Try! Because of the nature of my business, I send and receive faxes on an almost hourly basis and didn't want to buy an expensive fax machine or have a modem installed into my system. I have one toll free 888 number and one UK number. Check it out!