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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by S1RE, Nov 18, 2003.

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    Has anyone ever played Command & Conquer online, I just did and it was the laggiest experience I've ever had. I'm on DSL and I was playing my best friend who is also on DSL I just don't understand why all the units were moving across my screen like ants, this is so rediculous!

    Is there anyway to get rid of the lag so that units move like they do in single player, I'm very disappointed in how long it took to play a 2v2, even selecting and grouping units together is laggy.

    There better be a way to fix this!
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    Oh, "Command & Conquer" is sure to instantly let any reader know exactly which of the titles you mean. Oh yeah!
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    posted by teflondon515, Nov 18, 2003 3:44pm

    Its probably not a connection problem- chances are one of your machines is choking. What are the specs on your machine and your friends machine?
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    My only incite to this topic is that I remember star craft had a game speed for when you played online and by default it was set on slow so maybe C&C has game speed in the options menu also. If it does just have both computers check it to fastest it will let you and hopefully it will speed up. I’ve never played C&C though so I'm not sure if it has games speed or not.
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    I really do think it's stupid to even incorporate multiplayer into an online portion of a game in this nature if it can't handle broad hardware configurations.