C&C Generals over the net

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Teddy, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. Teddy

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    London, UK
    Hi all.

    My friend and i want to play a skirmish over the net. I am on broadband, he is on dialup. How do we go about playing each other (and just each other, not with other players involved).

    Is it possible to connect directly to each others PC?

    We used to play Red Alert 2 against each other and could dial one another directly.
  2. Krux

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    there WAS way back when heat.net was still around but there gone now. it used to be able to trick games into thinking u where playing on a lan when it was really over the net. I don't think there is anything like that anymore but some one else might know of something I don't.
  3. [CpK]Bastid

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    just set a password when creating your game...thats what i do

    theres also a direct connect option..tho havent tried it
  4. TBone

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    There is a program that does exactly that lets you play LAN games over the net and works very well, I can't remember what its called but I'll start looking.
  5. 82ross

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    Is it Kali your thinking of?

    Ive had a quick go getting that to fool Generals like i used to use it for Warcraft3. No luck yet though, need a new tracker ip no.
  6. S1RE

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    I want to do the same thing- I've tried Kali and couldn't get it to work. If you guys get it working please share it here. =)
  7. 82ross

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    Kali works. Played using it last night.
    Start Kali, make sure its the latest version (2.4) and that the Tacker IP is the latest ( as of writing).

    Right click "Game Resouces" then "Add Custom Game".
    In the Game box type "C&C Generals". Point to the generals.exe. And make sure the uses safedisk protection is ticked, unless you no_cd crack the exe. If its cracked untick the Safedisk option.

    Then you can play using through the C&C Generals game lobby.
    It will only work with people using the same version and exe.
    IE version 1.4 right now and a uncracked exe wont play with a cracked exe.

    Hope this works for you.