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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, May 7, 2003.

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    ok i ahve a sound blaster aduigy gamer card and i have a front panel firewire port that i want to use, i dont have a connection for it on my MOBO but i know that the live drive does, it is connected through a 40 pin ide cable so i figured that it should juse be a matter of connecting the right pins.

    i was told today that there is a pin layout on the net so i can hook up my front panel firewire port to my aduigy card and use it that way, i cant find it.

    does anyone know what the pins are or where there might be a pin layout for it????
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    I guess your refering to your new case.

    Did it not come with a manual (mine did) that explains the layout...

    "There are six wires with connectors coming from the front mounted IEEE1394 port of your case. They consist of 2 sets of twisted pair cables; TPA (Twisted pair A) and TPB (Twisted Pair B), a power cable (VP), and a ground cable (VG).

    1. Locate and identify the pin-out of the IEEE1394 port on your motherboard. (or in your case soundcard).

    2. Power Pin: Connect the VP connector to it.

    3. Ground Pin: Connect the VG connector to it.

    4. Data Pins: There are two sets of data pins. Each set consists of plus and minus pin. They are usually marked as TPA+ and TPA-, TPB+ and TPB-.
    (a) Connect the TPA+ connector to the TPA+ data pin and TPA- connector to the TPA- data pin.
    (b) Connect the TPB+ connector to the TPB+ data pin and the TPB- connector to the TPB- data pin."

    Hope thats useful m8 ;)
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    ok i dont think i explained it right, i know what the plug is for from teh front of the case. the port is connected to a wire and that wire( many wires in one) i was to connect to my aduigy card, but i dont know where on the card because it does not label the pins on the card. there idea is that if u want front panel firewire when u buy the live drive, i dont want to i jsut want to connect the wires to the right pins on the aduigy card but i dont know what pins are on the aduigy card
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    I can only suggest you contact Creative tech support, there might be a creative forum??

    Sorry I couldnt help more.

    I do know though that my Audigy 2 firewaire port goes direct to the card (NOT using the 40 odd pin connector , its a seperate connector.
  5. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    ok i got it now, it has its own little plug part on the board and it is jsut the standard layout but they dont number the pins so i just looked for the layout of a editing card and just copyed it and it works
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    Nice one m8. :D
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    nice job. could you do me/us a favor and post the pinout so as to save us some trouble if we want to do that sorta thing? or just a pic of the pins on the card. thanks. :)