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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Yngwie_II, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Yngwie_II

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    Hey guys i want your opinion on some buying related stuff.
    I'm considering buying a Barton processor. I also need to buy
    ram. these are my options, either i buy a Barton 2500+ or 3000+,
    and i buy 512mb ddr 333

    Or i wait a while, and buy a Barton 3200+ ? that has a 400mhz fsb. And then i would buy ddr 400 ram.

    So the difference is that the 333 ram runs at a slightly lower timing, and is less expensive. The barton difference is the 333 compared to 400 and is also cheaper. I'm just thinking, will the 400 version be worth it over the 333, cuz the 400 version will cost like a 1000 bucks. And the 2500 now costs like 200 dollars.

    Ok please let me now asap.


    Yngwie II
  2. LeeJend

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    1). from now on when you buy ram if you want 512 buy 2 256 sticks, so you can take advantage of the new dual ddr MB's.

    2). Your mother board has to support the higher FSB chips and you have mentioned nothing about the MB.

    3). All the benchmarks say it is not time to buy ddr400 yet. Reasons:
    -It runs at CL2.5 (extra wait time) so it has no advantage over 333.
    -If you use 400 mhz ram with a proc that runs 333 fsb you get asynchronous data tranfer that throws in more wait states.

    Right now I'd go with 333 ram and fsb and a dual ddr motherboard.

    Does your MB support 333 FSB and will a barton work on it if it is only 266 FSB?

    I know you were looking for answers not more questions... :eek:
  3. jumpy

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    His mobo is a dual channel board. A7N8X.

    Take a look at his sig. A7N8X, yes it supports 333fsb processors, but not 400fsb chips, so 400fsb chip is out of the question.

    The difference is only noticeable between cas 2.5 and cas2 in benchmarks, and a lot of ddr400 will run at cas 2. On the second point, I can't see what you're trying to say there, if the memory is running faster, it can only be better - not worse.

    Don't buy OCSystems (OCZ, whatever they want to call themselves) memory, buy something better quality, like crucial (see above), corsair, kingston, etc.

    EDIT: Ok, I see you already have OCsystems ram :)
  4. Goatman

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    ummm, first off, buy the 3000+ and buy the DDR400, make sure you run it in Sync mode on the A7N8X.

    You can always overclock the 3000+ to 3200+ speeds.... and if you buy the faster RAM you don't have to worry about it...
  5. FoSsiL

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    hey! i was wondering if the price of pc800 Rambus Ram have drop yet?
  6. Goatman

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    PC800 800MHz 256 Meg 184pin RDRam Rimm $79.55
    PC800 800MHz 512 Meg 184pin RDRam Rimm $237.99

    for RDRAM
  7. Yngwie_II

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    First off
    my motherboard is dual channel ddr 400. So why
    make it dual channel ddr 333, next, if you look with your eyes
    you find out that the ddr 400 is CL2 and CAS2, not 2.5.
    So both rams are the same except that the 333 has
    a little lower timing 255, instead of 362,
    finally, my motherboard has the most chance of supporting
    the barton, a little bios update does the trick. So thats bull****
    too. And finally, i'm not buying 2x 256, i'm buying 2x 512
    to make 1 gig, the sig. info is not correct, i haven't bought it
    yet. But ocsystem is high quality though, they are the best
  8. Sazar

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    play nice now :)

    btw your motherboard is dual channel 400 ? the nforce2 boards SUPPORT ddr400 perhaps :) was only just recently approved by jedec...

    anyways... barton per info posted on amd website will be out with a 166mhz fsb clock... perhaps 200 later in the year...

    the 3200 will be out near the end of the year... with the lower end 2500+-2800+ should be out in the not too distant future...
  9. jumpy

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    I think you'll find that corsair XMS and kingston hyperX will be the best overclockers.