buy longhorn?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EMPIRETANK, Apr 28, 2002.



    are we gonna have to buy longhorn?
  2. joansfella

    joansfella OSNN Junior Addict

    no when it comes out in 2003 that nice mr gates will give it to us!!!!


    omfg i hate him
  4. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    i wonder what type of security measures longhorn will have as far as copying or using copied versions are heh

    activation over sub-space frequency ?


    later :>
  5. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    I'm thinking more along the lines of Uncle Bill will come over to your house to inspect the CD to make sure it is legit.
  6. da rock

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    yeah,i just know unc'billy needs another billon!:rolleyes:
  7. Narciccus

    Narciccus Guest

    call me thick!

    What is Longhorn???

    not another version of windows?


    a later version of windows xp
  9. Narciccus

    Narciccus Guest

    OK Thanx :)

    Can You download this?
  10. silent_bob

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    Hahahaaha ur takin the piss rite!?!

    I think theres better chance of Northern Ireland winning the 2006 world cup than there is of billy the kid giving us the new version of windows 4 free!!

    But on the other hand hmmmmm........
  11. Khayman

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    No you can't download it cause it hasn't been made yet :)

    It'll probably require you to take 7 forms of ID and a personal reference from you local MP/Senator (or equivilent) and urine samples to the nearest Offical Microsost outlet. Then they MAY let you have a copy and will let you know within 28 working days :)

    I wonder if it will be packed with tons of copy protecting rubbish thats coming out form the movie and recording industry?
  12. Narciccus

    Narciccus Guest


    Maybe ill give it a miss!!!

    If Bill Gates trys anything else with all the copy protection and activation crap, ill get a mac!! and he can stick his windows where it belongs!
  13. AfTheRock

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    We'll you can check out all the details you want anout MS Windows Codename Longhorn here. It even has an updated video, twice as long as the earlier one, and a flash presentation about it.

    Looks like it will use a complletely different interafce, and will have more advanced graphics, but I may not buy it, as it looks as if there will only be one version of it, the home edition, not a pro or even a advanced server one or anything. Might just stick with Xp SE till BlackComb comes out it 2005/2006.
  14. dijital

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    doesnt that completely defeat the purpose of the internet?

    jus kidding.
  15. Narciccus

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    LOL @ dijital
  16. Outback2k1

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    CD Encrytion is about as much a deterrant as a car alarm...
  17. Daviesbad04

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    Bill gates sucks, hes friggin filthy rich why cant he for once just give us the next windows. He butt ugly ne wayz and i dont think no girl would want him but for his money so y give a crap,just give windows "longhorn" to us n start workin on "Blackcomb", All versions of windows suck ne way. XP has a new look,mayb a little bit higher security, Woohoo. Big deal, I know other OS's wich are better. But then again who am i to say anythin im just 16,Later!
  18. Twink

    Twink Guest

    Bill might be rich yes, but he's not gonna give us the OS, think about how many programmers etc work on the project, he'd have to pay all of them out of his pocket. He's got a wife and a daughter(?) Blackcomb and Longhorn are very different, one is gonna be like the next XP home and the other like XP pro/server. I'm not sure why you think windows sux so much. Ok, name the other OS's that you think are better and why.
  19. gonaads

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    Yeah, he'll give us the OS for free and then charge an Arm and a Leg for the bug updates. And we'll have to update often cause it will run all crappy. :p
  20. madmatt

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    I'm a windows kiddie! *hugs* his windows.