Bush takes lunch

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    George Bush and Dick Cheney are enjoying a lunch at the
    Capitol Grill restaurant.

    Their waitress approaches their table to take their order,
    and she is young and very attractive. She asks Cheney
    what he wants, and he replies, "I'll have the heart-healthy salad."

    "Very good, sir," she replies, and turning to Bush she
    asks, "And what do you want, Mr.President?"

    Bush answers, "How about a quickie?"

    Taken aback, the waitress slaps him and says, "I'm
    shocked and disappointed in you! I thought you were
    bringing in a new administration that was committed to
    high principles and morality. I'm sorry I voted for you."

    With that, the waitress departed in a huff. Cheney
    leans over to Bush and says, "Mr. President, I believe
    that's pronounced 'quiche.'"

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    New York City
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    lmfao :D very good
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    Haha.. really really funny :D :D