Bush and Putin are on board of the same plane...

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    Hey, Guys! :) :) :) I absolutely LOVE humour and now I'm doing a research to compare Russian and English humour. That's to get my Master's Degree. If you want to help me in my uneasy :confused: , believe me, job, make up an ending to the story below, which you would think funny.

    Bush and Putin are on board of the same plane (discussing global issues or just chatting, whichever :D ). Suddenly there appears a stewardess and cries: "The plane's going to crash!!! :eek: And we have only one parachute!!!:eek: " ...to be continued by you

    And here are some endings I've got from my Russian friends:
    The stewardess drops the parachute into the open door (is it called a door in the plane?) and says: "Ooops, I did it again"

    The stewardess goes on: "So, guys, you chat on, and I'm outta here" and jumps through the door.

    Black humour: The stewardess throws away the parachute and cries: "Allach Acbar!!!"

    The pilot floats slowly in the air under the parachute and thinks: "I'm really sorry for the stewardess".

    Putin jumps through the door, it turns out, that he already has a parachute on him, he thinks: "My job in Germany has learned me a thing or two". (Putin used to work for Russian intelligence service on the territory of Germany - that's a real fact).

    So, I'm waiting for your replies! Thanks in advance!!!