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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rapscallion, Nov 25, 2002.

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    Have searched but can't find a previous thread on this topic.

    When trying to download a skin for Musicmatch Jukebox, I get the error message "Buffer Overrun Detected" .......a buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programmes internal state. The programme cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

    Also when burning cd using Nero 5.5 the writing buffer never becomes active, so every burn fails. The read buffer works ok.

    Both my machines are using XP and same versions of Nero and MMJB, and it all works perfectly on the other machine. Only thing I'm aware of that I've done is install SP1 on the machine that's having the problems.

    Any ideas as to what the Buffer I've done ??
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    do you have ASPI Installed? If not, install that
  3. rapscallion

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    Yep dreamliner, got that thanks.

    I know that NERO had some XP compatibility probs with older versions, but I have and as I say the strange thing is the write buffer is fine on one machine and not the other. Anyone else have any clues ?
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    I had a similar problem using the same version of Nero with a Creative 6x24x8 CDRW, but the error I was getting was "Buffer Underrun - Medium Speed Read Error." How did I fix this?? I upgraded Nero. Fixed it right away, no problems. Well except that my burner died about a month later, but that's ok it was 6 years old and has since been replaced with a Memorex 52x48x52. It smokes and I have yet to encounter any errors. I currently run Nero

    You may also want to check compatibility with Nero and the CDRW you are using. A friend had problems with Nero and her Samsung CDRW. Turned out the Samsung model she had is 110% unsupported by Nero.

    One last thing to look into, verify your CDRW settings. Is it master or slave? In general burners should be run as the master and cd-rom as the slave. If all else fails, switch them, even if the burner is currently set to master. I had to make my burner the slave under Win98 for it to work at all. If that doesn't work switch them back.
  5. rapscallion

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    Thanks jaya, tried all that, still no joy.

    Thought I'd try to burn a playlist from MMJB, and that failed too even though he buffer was ok (no messages to help though)

    Anyone know of any utilities, or any way I can test what's wrong with my setup on the one machine. The machine that's suffering Burn failures is the higher spec of the 2 I'm using the same external burner on (Freecom Classic usb)
  6. The_Schwarz

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    I have had two computers where this happened. In both of them it was caused by a cd-rom drive (not cd-r) that was faulty and connected onto the same ide cable as the burner
  7. gonaads

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    Read this (the top item/paragraph on the page):


    It may explain your buffer overrun problem when you were trying to D/L the skin.