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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xflower, Jan 12, 2002.

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    I just installed a new XP corporate, and went through the steps of adding critical updates (I've done this several times the past two months, and I know it worked 2001-12-28.

    This is what happens:
    connecting to windows update OK
    getting updated update utility OK
    searching for updates OK
    selecting updates OK
    clicking install now Problems start

    First the accept screen starts with no html part (page can not be displayed), well we all just push the OK button anyway, in steps the file progress window, it dont download anything, but just browses thorugh the (5) downloads and then displays the "failed downloads" page.

    When you try to push the "read more" link on the select download page, you get a link to "". This page can not be displayed. If you remove the www from the link it works.

    Problem is that I have no idea what the links for the downloads are, so I cant just remove the www part.

    I've also tried the corportate download section (as mentioned in other posts), but I can only put things in the "download cart", and when pushing download I can only get to the "download progress" dialog. My guess is on the www part of the domain again.

    It is possible to download 3 of the 5 critical downloads through microsoft download center, but the last two are through windows update only. (product compabitility and xp update package)

    If anyone got the link for this two I would be thankful!

    And my guess is on a DNS problem somewhere, for all I know it could be corrected by now and just waiting to propagate in the net. But as long as it is the second day I have this problem (and from the posts it was probably some days before too), it would maybe be nice if someone can give out a DNS-ip that does have the correct entries. I could of course set up my own linux box to do this, but its *work*.

    Is it possible to configure XP to assume that is the same as
  2. Lonman

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    Go back to Windows update, in the left column under 'see also' is a link for 'windows update catalog.' You can go in there and download the updates and install them from your hard drive. A lot of people are experiencing problems with windows update recently... i'm pretty certain it's network congestion or something along those lines.
  3. xflower

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    Sorry but that does not work...

    It still uses the download dialog. Unless I'm missing something obvious. Its still the automated download with another frontend...

    Since the EULA is broken I assumes that its the same problem with the actual files.

    It looks like the M$ guys is on vacation celebrating their 17000000 sold copies of XP, and don't care about the updates... All I want to do is to remove the www from and I have a strong feeling that the files would come fast and without problems...