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    Ok. I have an AREA code of 01455 in Desford, Leicestershire, East Midlands, England.

    Broadband can be enabled and our college and libery has a T1 connection so general interest should be quiet high. But it's not.

    About 179 people out of 300 have registered interest.

    How can I get that figure to 300? Any suggestions are welcome.

    I might go around posting leeflet, what you recomend I put on them. Should I post information in the Parish Council? For old folk to tell there sons?

    Any information to get broadband interest in this area is welcomed.
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    Ask your council to promote the idea of pre-registration, put up some posters with information, give people flyers/leaflets and/or post them through peoples doors.

    It worked for us here. We received the final push of people we needed to reach the trigger level after a small leaflet campaign took place. Still need to wait 3 months or so after the level is reached though.
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    Well, start a site like " and put it on leaflets and make posters, for my excahnge I personnally went through the fone book and entering numbers, making up the first names :p it worked :D I got BB now :)

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    Keep the ideas coming in guys!!!!