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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KennyBhoy2002, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. I'm having a little trouble getting Bootvis to run...After it's Traced my startup and is doing it's second reboot....It starts Bootvis again and says it's Optimizing my startup....But i get a Timeout error and it says it was Unable to Defrag my drive :confused: and that i have to do it manually......I have......And it still won't work :(
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    have you made sure that com+ and system event scheduler (think thats the service, something scheduler :p ) are on in your services screen? If you had them disabled it won't be able to run correctly..I got that problem once or twice but after a little yelling and reboots it worked :p
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    Once again, make sure you know what you're disabling so you can re-enable it when you have a problem...
  4. Both Com+ and Event Scheduler options were disabled in Serive but i enabled them and Bootvis is still giving the same grief :confused:
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    both COM+ services should be enabled...

    see if that helps...
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    It's the Task Scheduler that needs to be enabled.
  7. Cheers ladz......Finally got it going.....After all that it didn't really speed my startup, up :mad:

    Thx anyway