BootVis. How do you?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by body electric, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. How do you use this program?
  2. Perris Calderon

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    hey...I had trouble launcing this program too...I couldn't find it!!!

    ok, if it's not in the all programs list, then do a search for it...lauch from the search if you have to...then run a trace on next boot, then run the optimize option

    tell us if you got a faster boot
  3. Well, I did trace on next boot after I did that I got a message saying (after it rebooted and went back to boot vis I get the following message (attachment)

    How do I fix this and have a clean boot trace?
  4. XPfan

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    I have heard of this problem but have never seen an answer to it.
    My advice would be to make sure all drivers are up to snuff and to check the jumpers on the drives.
    Sorry I can't help more.
  5. After that I just used the optimize my system which seems to boot faster.

    oh well.
  6. Eck

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    I did the whole bootvis thing a few weeks ago. My original boottime was 35 seconds (ending when I was at my desktop, not the welcome screen). It shaved a WHOPPING 5 seconds off of my boottime. Heh. Now, if I weren't so lazy I'd go through all of and clear up some memory.
  7. Waldo

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    Do you have scheduler enabled? Bootvis won't run without it.
  8. Henyman

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    bootvis is stored in your temp files folder

    documents + settings>>(your user name)>>local setting's>>temp

    u have 2 have all folders showing as i think it's hidden
  9. Scheduler? no don't think so, how do you enable it?
  10. Waldo

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    Click Start - Admin Tools, double click Scheduler and pick Automatic in the dropdown box.