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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Admiral Michael, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Well, I built my new system and surprise surprise a problem had arisen. I have a ATI AIW 9600XT Pro 128MB AGP 8x video card (full specs see sig).

    Well, when the comp is booting up and going throught the POST and shows the WIdnows XP boot screen the images is slightly compressed vertically and stretched off the screen horizontally.

    I called ATI to no avail, I took it back to the store and when they tested it it worked fine there. I was thinking its the mobo BUT I tested it in a different system and it did the exact same thing.

    I did get it to work normally, no idea hopw, but when I moved my tower to install some wires, I put it back and now its messed once again. I tried the monitor on the second VGA plug and its boot correctly, but I can't use the tv out function if I strictly use VGA2.

    The BIOS and drivers (tho this wouldnt help since its pre-windows) are all up to date.

    I'm out of ideas, I'm thinking of sending it in to ATI if I cant get this fixed, I wouldnt care it if was $50 but it was $354CDN +tax!

    Please Help Me!
    Admiral Michael
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    Once you've booted up, go to the Video card resolution settings (right click desktop/prop/settings), then change the resolution, and adjust accordingily to make the screen fit your monitor, with the buttons on your monitor. Then repeat with all available resolutions. and you should be fine. i had the same problem awhile back when i upgraded to a 9600XT.
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    how can I get 640x800 on a xp machine, there is a way but Im busy right now to look.
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    nevermind bout the 640x480 qiestion, I got it. Changing the monitor settings on the POST helped a small bit but not by much, it still goes off the screen a bit. I shouldn't really have to adjust the monitor, I didnt before.

    Remeber it worked after I went to the storetil I moved my case.