Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bob S, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Bob S

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    For some reason, my system last night would not boot Windows 2000. This OS is on my slave drive, while XP is on the master. Dual boot configuration. Both are the only partition on each drive and both are NTFS. It says that it cannot find WINNT/system32/config/system or that it is corrupted? Maybe something happened to my boot.ini. For sanity, can someone type how my boot.ini ought to look?

    Also any other thoughts!! Very wierd.

    Merry Christmas,

    Bob S
  2. allan

    allan Guest

    It has nothing to do with boot.ini. You have a corrupt registry hive. Do the following (note - it assumes 2K is on your d: drive):

    Boot to th 2K CD and select R (Recovery Console)

    At the command prompt type:

    ren d:\windows\system32\config\system system.old
    copy d:\windows\repair\system d:\windows\system32\config

  3. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    Thanks Allan, I'll try it on Thursday or Friday. As soon as I get home we are going to Indiana for the holidays. Back to my wife's family and the horses, beef cattle, and cats... lots of cats.
  4. allan

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    Enjoy your Holiday :)

    BTW, I need to tell you that I"ve never used 2K. I use XP and the above is the correct way to do it in XP. I'm just assuming that 2K has the same (or very similar) setup. I'm fairly certain it will work for you.
  5. Bob S

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    Worked great Allan. The only diference is that the first directory is WINNT not Windows, but I knew that before I started on your fix. How it happened was when I manually uninstalled Norton SystemWorks Pro 2002 in favor of 2003... I bet. Had to manually remove all to totally remove the NAV (Norton Antivirus portion).


    bob S.
  6. allan

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    Glad it worked Bob. For future reference, Symante provides an uninstall utility on their web site that is designed to completely delete all NSW programs and registry references. Trying to do things like that manually can sometimes........well, you know :blink: