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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alexibm, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. alexibm

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    it appears to be that I can't boot from my cd to intall XP

    I went into my BIOS setting and Changed boot order so CD-Rom would be first to boot

    But XP installation wounld not start :( It would skip into Windows 2000 StartUp

    What should I do ?
  2. eNuffSaid

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    I believe the *original* MS WinXP CD's are all bootable. If yours is not... go to and get youself a nice boot floppy. You'll have to format / fdisk from the flop.

    Good luck,
    Willem Moolenaar
  3. alexibm

    alexibm Guest

    Tell me more about that !

    how do I get to those setting

    forgot to mention
    I dont have Floppy drive
  4. allan

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    Alex - 3 questions:

    1) Are you booting to an oririnal XP Home or Professional CD?
    2) When you exit bios, are you saving your settings? Next time you go in make sure CD is still at the top of the list.
    3) How many CD drives do you have?
  5. Cosmin

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    Press/not press any key before all that " dots " appears one by one . I don't remember if to press or not , but to press I quess ..:rolleyes:
  6. Jim

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    If you have a burner try THIS it worked for me.
  7. alexibm

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    Strange thing started to happened with my writes the CD to 70% and dies on me :(
  8. alexibm

    alexibm Guest

    I am back with more freaky stuff

    Now it loads from a cd but it gives me a strange error

    error code 18688 \i386\biosinfo.inf is not found
  9. alexibm

    alexibm Guest


    ???what do you mean ?
  10. eNuffSaid

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    Hi, I see its not working too well for you. :( I do not endorse illegal copying, but I will not judge you for it either. Perhaps you even have a legal copy of WinXP. If you copy a bootable CD by placing the files on your harddisk and THEN copying those to a new CD, or, if you copy the CD by selecting the files on it and THEN copying those to a new CD, the result will be a NON bootable CD. You must do 1:1 CD copies to retain CD bootability.

    If you are sure your WinXP CD is fine (bootable or not) you may want to consider using a bootflop and doing an installation from there. Again... they have some nice WinXP bootflops from the site i mentioned earlier.

    Ofcoarse, making you current CD bootable is great, but a bit more work.

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar