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    Please don't open the picture before you have read the text!!

    A few day's ago when I visited a gas station, a blonde came in
    and asked for a seven-hundred-ten!? We all looked at each other and suddenly one customer asked, what is a seven-hundred-ten????? She know the little piece in the middle of the engine, I've lost it and need a new one.
    The guy at the gas station asked: "what's it used for?".......she replied that she didn't know, but this piece has always been there. The guy gave her a paper and a pen and asked her to explain how the piece looked like. The blonde started to draw a 6 cm circle and in the middle she wrote 710.!!!!!!

    (See attached file: 710_1.jpg)
  2. lol, the usual thing
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    LMAO, :D :D :D .. Brilliant Code Cutter.