BlackICE - rebooting system?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 1bLaDe1, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    yo peepz, i really luv BlackICE been using it for a long time ... now i have windows xp, i didin't think i needed to download a firewall till i scanned my ports to find port "1025" and "5000" open ... i'm not sure if theres anyharm, but i wanted a firewall anyway

    So i downloaded BlackICE .... the result? It keeps rebooting my pc ...

    any help?


  2. tronmaster

    tronmaster Guest

    yea happens to me too.

    do you use Norton Anti-Virus 2002?
  3. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    nop i dont use any antivirus at the moment ... I used to use Incolate PE back in windows me but it doesn't have support for WIndows Xp :(

    anyways can anyone help? I really like BlackICE cuz it doesn't bug me, just silently works in the background