BlackICE Defender vs. Sygate Personal Firewall

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ECO, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. ECO

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    What are the pros and cons of these firewall software and your final opinion of which one keeps your system more secure from intrusion?
  2. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    there are only cons to black ice, it fails all third party tests, za and tiny and tiny are free
  3. Skizoid

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    There is a new version of the BlackIce Defender now. The version 3.5 (old one was 2.9 I believe) have some very interesting that the other 2 firewalls do not have.
  4. Cosmin

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    I prefer only Norton products (my opinion ) but my recommandation is BlackICE Defender , the last version sure :D
  5. ECO

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    Can you be more specific on the things BlackICE fails at, and where the test was performed?

    Also, in my opinion, BlackICE and other programs like it that have an Intrusion Detect System where all incoming (and I think outgoing too) packets are anaylzed individually, is a more robust security tool.
  6. ECO

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    Yesterday I reviewed the log for Norton Personall Firewall and it showed no port scan attempts to have occured while BlackICE Defender and Sygate Personal Firewall reported many of them and successfully blocked them all.
  7. Pyr0

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    BlackICE was merely a logger when I tried it. Norton's firewall is AtGuard with extra crap and well its not AtGuard anymore. I would suggest Outpost or AtGuard if you can find it.
  8. evilhomer

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    i have not used the new version, but i did use the old version. i liked it a lot, then i read a review @ (you can search for it, it's maybe 5 months old?). apparently blackice is fine if you install on a clean system. but if something was there prior to its installation, it maybe still be there happily chugging along. that is the test it failed and tiny(kerio) and zonealarm passed. perhaps this is fixed in the new version, i can not say.
  9. NetMike68

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    Sygate is a nice personal firewall bottom line!

    I have had ZA 3.0 and it didn't work worth beans. I'm very happy with Sygate now and will continue to use their firewall. Trust me you will like it

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  10. P-R

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    norton and blackice are useless junk,

    take the firewall tests, all of them, heres my results
    heres my results
  11. xsivforce

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    I use Norton Internet Security and here is my result.
    After that nothing happened(the test didn't finish). When I tried to run the test again, the page could not be displayed.