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    I have a friend who just got an 8330 and is looking for games, applications and generally nice things to have on it.

    All I could find was, and it was okay.

    She is a teacher, very active, enjoys good food, and sales in stores. Any specific or sites with applications would be great.

    She has Google Calendar sync'd, and I think Google Contacts, so she's set with that. Google Maps as well, and might be getting Google Tasks. (Amazing how dominating they are).

    Thanks guys!
  2. Jewelzz

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    Crackberry is the site I go to for all my BB apps, reviews, help, etc. It's a very helpful, friendly site
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    I use myself, although a lot of the information between them and crackberry is the same.

    I don't really use games on my device so I'm not sure about freebies.

    For apps it really depends on what she wants to do, firstly I would suggest upgrading the OS on the device to 4.5, if it's not already, which will give her documents to go which once upgraded with the free upgrade will allow her to open and edit (Not create unless she buys the premium version) Word, Excel, and powerpoint documents. I also have Mobipocket reader, which is an ebook reader, it allows to either buy ebooks off the mobipocket site direct from the Blackberry, or you can transfer books directly to the blackberry from your desktop or dump them on a MicroSD card and throw that into the blackberry. You can also get the mobipocket reader for desktop and the mobipocket creator for desktop which lets you convert PDF, DOC, HTML etc inot PRC format to read on the blackberry.

    Because I am on a BES system I also use the GMail App to get my gmail, however since this sounds like her personal BB I assume she won't need that.

    That's all I can think of off hand.