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    A British pilot during W.W.II was shot down over Germany.
    In the hospital, he was told that his left leg had to be amputated.
    He asked for it to be parachuted down over England. This was done.
    A week later, his right leg had to go, and he asked for the same thing to be done.
    A week later his left arm had the same fate.
    A short time later, his right arm was about to be taken off, he asked for the arm to be dropped over England like the other limbs.
    The German doctor answered "Nien, Nien, ve sink zat you are trying to escape, ya".
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    Antwortete der deutsche Arzt", kein kein wir glauben, daß Sie sich bemühen zu entkommen, ja?"

    Ha ha ha, great joke ;)