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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spudly, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Spudly

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    i installed abc a couple of days ago and im trying to download a large file but its keeping me in queue, so i waited about 12 hours....still in queue. i have about 83% of the file done also at the moment there are 55 seeds and 417 downloaders. so how much longer should i wait... is there anything i can do to speed it up
  2. yalooze

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    are u behind a firewall/router? have u tried another client, perhaps the latest bittornado of which abc hasn't updated to yet?

    ahh, actually, does ABC say that the file is queued, cause that's a manual command within ABC only to do with downloading multiple torrents, u should just be able to tell it to start. But if u mean in queue, as in, not downloading then try the above, or try stopping the torrent and restarting etc.
  3. Sazar

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    sometimes you will get a torrent where the main seeders are no longer seeding and that leaves everyone with a certain percentage...

    I had a large game patch dl'd to 91.3% and thats all I ever got coz everyone else had the same amount... no one with a higher completed percentage was seeding :(

    bit-tornado is what I use and it might actually help... it does have a few bugs but is easy to use and as long as after an error you press "IGNORE" its usually pretty decent to work with...

    consider getting the stable version ;)
  4. vern

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    So there are seeders and leechers? You should be able to continue downloading as long as there is a seed. There are no queues on BT, so that must be a queue within ABC. Just force download it.
  5. Bittornado is great.
  6. dom02

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    yea there aren't any ques with bt it must be ABC. The downloads don't start unless you tell them to. Check your settings to see if the torrents start downloading when the torrent is loaded.
  7. muzikool

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    Not sure about ABC since I haven't used it, but Azureus has a window you can view that shows you exactly what percentage every seeder has. If I'm stuck at 89%, then I look at that window and usually see 89% as the highest available seed. At least one seeder has to have 100% of the file in order for you to finish the download. One exception to this is if seeders with less than 100% happen to have the segments that you need to complete your download... but this rarely happens.
  8. napalmnthemorning

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    Along with what muzikool said about Azureus is if your in queue you can force the download to connect with the tracker. I've noticed that often a file left in queue stays in queue.
  9. ElementalDragon

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    i'm rather fond of Azureus. other than the fact that you have to install the Java client before you can use it. other than that it's a rock solid client in my perspective.
  10. muzikool

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    I agree. The latest release especially has made it rock-solid.