BIOS Upgrade = XP Problems!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hawkeyejim, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. hawkeyejim

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    I flashed my Bios this week due to a CPU upgrade. I double-checked I had the correct files, all went well. However, now XP Pro will "freeze" after a few minutes and I can only unlock the PC by hitting the Reset button. I can reproduce it every time, although it does not freeze on every occasion, if you know what I mean! For example, opening My Computer and then minimizing
    the window will freeze the system every time. When I push reset, Scandisk does not even start on reboot.
    Windows Me, oddly enough, runs fine, no freezes at all.
    Anyone had a similar experience?
  2. loppdawg69

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    Sometimes it is just picky...or the new bios could have actually brought some problems with it... =) i say fresh but i say fresh install about every friday =). What i usually do is make an image with Norton Ghost then do a fresh install see if the problem still happens. If it goes away then go from there..if it still does it with a fresh install put image back on go back to previous bios then wait for another bios or wait to find out what is causing it....What motherboard and processor are you using?
  3. hawkeyejim

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    More details: This was an image of XP (Drive Image). I tried another image I had on hand, same result. I tried an image of W2K; same result! So I tried a fresh install of W2K, but install would lockup! I tried at least 3 times, with varying amounts of success, but install would never come to completion.

    I checked all the BIOS settings, set them at default, and tried again: no luck. It's definitely something to do with W2K/XP; I know they are more finicky about systems than 9.x is.