Bios update, low level format n NT4

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 03bigMark03, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Hiya guys, I know you all gona say google lol but I tried and it's taken me to rubbish sites so far.

    I basically just want to know what the latest bios is for this AB-TX5 motherboard. The curren't bios loaded (from when it was bought about 5 years a go, though it's been upgraded to 256MB EDO ram and a 180MHz CPU that can be overclocked) is Award Modular Bios V.4.51PG. The ID is 18/23/97-i438TX-W83977-2A59IA1FC-6K (I read it to make sure it's correct lol).

    I have been looking around and it looks like this is the latest bios for this motherboard. Dang, it would be nice to update it if there is an update before I go about fixing this hard drive.

    It has a 10 or 20 (can't remember) gig drive and it has about 10-20 bad sectors and takes an hour to boot windows 98 up after a defrag lol. I was thinking of doing this. Scandisk /Fix to try and fix the bad areas. Then do a low level format. Trouble is that option isn't in the bios (the curren't loaded one). I was wondering if there was any DOS tools to do this. Thanks if you can help me out.

    I'm also going to install NT 4 on the PC as it's primary OS (I can't install freebsd, Glenn hardly knows sh** all about computing, my Dad's buisness partner, this is for the work unit). Trouble is I can't seem to find the latest service pack on the microsoft site. I think they have dropped support for it. Can you provide a link, and yes I have tried google. Mos of the time it points to warez sites or dam microsoft one.

    I'm thinking of overclocking this oldy, but not to sure about that yet. Though I cleaned all the grime out today (looked like there was a skeleton rotting in it lol). So there should be better airflow and the PSU will now survive lol. Any info on that dunno what CPU is all it comes up on bios is IDT WinChip C6 CPU at 180 (though turbo makes it 200).

    PS HD on Bios is FUJITSU MPF3102AT

    GG help us out. Later. Let's help survive this 5 year old machine ;)
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    open it up, look for the maker of your hard drive, then goto the web site and download the low-level format utility.
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    OK I replaced the 10 Gig drive with my old 4 Gig drive. The old drive was so f0ked it could only format 1%. That's going in the bin lol.

    Well I updated the bios and seems to be running great. LoL it finally updated that five year old bios ;). Seems to be working great.

    I put windows 2000 server with sp3 and updates on it (up to sp4 lol aint got that yet). Cheers for barly no help on updating the bios. Ace123 on my buddie list was the only person wiling to help me.

    GG now. Laters.