Big Problem - no image on monitor

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Temp3st, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Temp3st

    Temp3st Guest

    Hello - I have a major problem which is worrying the pants off me as I can't see any way to fix it.

    Yesterday I installed an official updated driver for my MSI GF4 440 MX card - when windows rebooted the monitor went black - its almost as if XP has switched it off.

    It works fine up until the loading splash screen finishes.

    Is there anyway of doing a clean install (and reformat if required) without first loading xp.

    I tried to pressing F8 at bootup but can't seem to find any options - safe mose also reverts to the black screen.

    please help - me is very stressed!
  2. Henyman

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    safe mose? i take it u mean safe mode. if u can get anouther moniter thaT works' then go and roll back the driver 2 the previous 1 that'll fix any problems after that u can worry over why it wen't wrong:D
  3. Temp3st

    Temp3st Guest

    heh - yeah I mean safe mode - told you I was stressed.

    Well I tried with another monitor and even another vga card - same thing. I have worked out how to run setup at boot-up and I am not trying to reinstall XP

    lets see if that works.
  4. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    k let me no how u get on
  5. Temp3st

    Temp3st Guest

    well not getting on very well.
    Managed to repair windows no problem - all hardware installs except the vga card - windows doesn't seem able to recognise it.

    Used the MSI live updat utility to get the correct drivers - it recognised the card but won't install the drivers - says the card is not correctly configured.
  6. Faner

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    haha, I just had to laugh :) correcting his spelling and then spelling like a rake (as we say in Sweden) hehe, master speller yourself are you ?

    No offence man, just had to say it... I hav e a similar problem with my GF3 Ti 200 though, except it is on the SVHS output.... BUT, I have a tip for you though... It's a bit harsh but... You see, these problems can sometimes occur at any time, being caused by hardware problems on the AGP port... Not telling you it IS though, not even likely, just a possibilty... If you have acces to testing on another motherboard, do. (except if that other VGA card you tried was on a PCI port)
  7. Temp3st

    Temp3st Guest

    Thanks - you helped me solve it!!!!

    Just got some updates for my AGP contoller and it installed sweet!!!

    /me not stressed anymore :)
  8. Henyman

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    hey wot woz wrong wid my spellin? it's called short hand 4 all the lazy ppl out there:)